iMessage For Android: Download iMessage on Android Phones

iMessage For Android - Download iMessage Android Version:

Yesterday, we have shared iMessage for PC download & its using method. Now, we will show you here iMessage for Android to use on your mobile phones. iMessage is a best & popular messaging app for Apple iPhone users but those who want to use iMessage on Android phones can also download & use it like WhatsApp. You can do various fun things on this favorite messaging app. 

iMessage for Android allowing features to share media, an option of group chat and other fun features which can use on internet connection so no more worry of extra incurring any charges.

You can use this iMessage on Android by download & install into your Android Smartphone from below methods.

iMessage For Android

iMessage For Android - Download iMessage On Android Smartphones

From here, you come to know about iMessage on Android, & download iMessage for Android from provided a link below.

iMessage for Android Phones:

Apple device users can use iMessage but many want to know & use iMessage on Android. Also, those who have Windows mobile or Tizen phones can also not able to download iMessage because its unavailable for them. From iMessage, you can enjoy chat texts, photos, & videos which is easily send from one to another user through the internet. The messages ever encrypt and sensing in a blue bubble.

You can get free iMessage Android App as some of the websites saying there is no iMessage for Android devices available. But they are incorrect, we will show you in this article to know the full list of features provided by iMessage to their Android user as well as from how to download iMessage for Android. You Can Also Download iMessage On PC Methods.

iMessage Android App Brief Information:

         Name                                                       iMessage For Android                             

Supported Operating System:                                Android

Last Updated:                                                    Feb 6th, 2018

File Size:                                                                 8 MB

Rating:                                                                      4.7

Total Downloads:                                                 15 Million+

iMessage on Android & its Features:

Share Media: You can share pictures, video, audio messages with a friend and even on a group. Now it becomes simpler for the user who wants to use & take care of iMessage waiting for activation error.

Send A Group Message: You can make a group of peoples and manage it by adding and removing them. With iMessage for Android, you can send the messages to the group and will be accessible by all.

New Message Effects: With just a few taps, you can send messages with bubble and full-screen impact, reply with expressions and personalize with handwritten notes and much more to explore in iMessage for Android app.

Use Emoji: iMessage for Android allows you choose from hundreds of emoji to add something extra to your messages. And when words aren’t enough, just tap to replace them with emoji.

Send Sketch: You can use digital touch to send a sketch, taps, or even heartbeats, and all of this is inbuilt in iMessage for Android so no need to download plugins from App Store.

Use stickers: You can use stickers to express yourself in the message. There are hundreds of stickers available to use. iMessage offers them for free. If you wish to use external stickers package, then you can download it from App Store, and it will automatically sync into your messages.


There are a number of clone apps of iMessage on google play store. Many of still confusing which app is to download iMessage for Android. We here provide you the link to a real version of iMessage for Android. Just download iMessage APK from here by visiting below link.

Download iMessage Android Version:

How to Enable iMessage on Android?

Before permit iMessage for Android on your device, you need to follow these simple steps to enable iMessage App:

  • Go to Setting ~ Messages ~ iMessage
  • Turn on iMessage on your device
  • Just tap Send & Receive to set the email and phone number
  • Tap on the email or phone number to enable
  • Now you can be reached by iMessage on Android at the email address and phone number that you have selected.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

>> Question 1: Does iMessage for Android count as SMS or data?

Answer 1: iMessage for Android phone works with the internet connection. It counts your data, not as SMS.

Question 2: How can I send iMessage to my non-iPhone friend?

Answer 2: iMessage is only available for Apple users. So your friends cannot use iMessage for PC/Mac if they are not using any Apple smart device.

>> Question 3: Can I change address associated with iMessage For Android App?

Answer 3: Yes, you can change the address associated with iMessage.

Question 4: How do I delete iMessage sticker packs from my iMessage Android App?

Answer 4: You can delete a sticker pack from your App Drawer.

>> Question 5: Why can’t I access the stickers I downloaded in the iMessage for Android?

Answer 5: Some sticker packs have to be manually enabled if you have the Automatically Add Apps option disabled on your device. You can enable Automatically Add Apps or manually add apps to your message app.

Question 6: How do I add sticker pack to my iMessage for Android App?

Answer 6: In order to add sticker pack to messaging apps you have two choices: either enable Automatically Add Apps on your device or manually add the sticker pack to your message app. So, the best one to prefer is automatically Add Apps.

>> Question 7: Is iMessage for Android available in Windows Store?

Answer 7: No, iMessage Android is not available in windows store. It is available only on App Store. But you can download iMessage for Android devices.

We respect if you have any queries or advice regarding iMessage For Android & Download iMessage on Android Phones. We had to share our best user experience of iMessage for Android that used & also suggest to use iMessage on your Windows PC. You can also leave your opinion in below comment box or through sending mail to us. We will give you reply once you subscribe to our free updates. To know more about iMessage for Android, come back to check here.